Message from the President

The challenge any association faces is how to remain relevant.

For the Association of Government Accountants of the Philippines (AGAP), this is specifically true. Yet AGAP has surprisingly grown from a small group of like-minded individuals to what it is today – a vibrant, dynamic and diverse mix of professionals belonging to the government financial sector.

So what is the secret?

Nothing really, except that we have always lived up to or at least tried to live up to our motto of: "All for the Service and Service for All".

On the occasion of AGAP’s 67th year, we are humbled by the association’s achievements of the past, the innovations and improvements introduced by the men and women who led this association as its officers. We serve a bigger and brighter group of AGAPeians today; yet, our members continue to pursue knowledge in an atmosphere of friendship and fun – truly the AGAP way!

For this year’s convention, and continuing the AGAP tradition of rewarding excellence, we will honor peers in the various accounting offices who have excelled and therefore qualify as Outstanding Accounting Offices. Likewise, we will discuss and assess the ASEAN influence on the Philippine financial sector. With the theme "Transforming the Government Financial Sector in the Era of ASEAN Integration," our participants will be informed of the various aspects which would or might affect or change certain facets on how we do things in our respective fields, hopefully allowing them to gain insights on how best to adapt to the challenges of ASEAN Integration.

In retrospect, that is probably the essence of AGAP – the constant striving to keep its members up-to-date, in terms of knowledge and in government issues and policies; the continuous effort to do better; to serve and to serve well, beyond what is expected.

Really, in the end, its really all about service. On our 67th year and my first as President of this association, we will continue to listen, respond and act on our members’ concerns, serving your interests as best we know how in an atmosphere of friendship, family and fun.

Isang magandang umaga at taos-pusong pagpapasalamat!

AGAP National President