Message from the President

October 17-20, 2018 | AGAP Convention Seminar | Iloilo Convention Center

An organization is only as strong as the unity which its members have.

Remove this unity and chaos, cut throat competition and confusion will prevail. A moment ago, for less than ten minutes, the whole AGAP Board performed the doxology for this year’s convention. The very first time they did so. If you consider the number of times they practiced these hand gestures, you ask yourself whether performing in public for less than ten minutes is worth the effort that they put into it. These are financial managers who are busy in their respective agencies, doing work, you all know, is tedious, time consuming and demanding - requiring focus and all their analytical skills. And yet, once a week they travelled all the way to the Malacañang area where my office is, to practice this song and hand gestures. And again you have to ask, Is it worth all these effort? I asked myself why this strange dedication? And then I realized that the AGAP board, your board, believed in the song’s message! If you truly believe in the same mission and many, or all of you, believe in it, then unity of purpose prevails. The AGAP board went to extraordinary lengths to practice, perfect and perform Steve Green’s, “The Mission” because they truly believe that in loving God, service is given meaning.

In this modern times when religion and faith are taboo or topics too corny to discuss, your AGAP board does not shy away from proclaiming their beliefs and their values. We don’t and we will never go out of our way to proclaim it. We will not preach nor convince because it is not our way of doing things but we will LIVE it. We will reflect our beliefs in how, we, your AGAP officers’ conduct ourselves. We will share our values in the projects we will support. We will push our advocacies of furthering the AGAP cause and addressing our members’ concerns.

United in our desire to help the accountants in government earn their CPD credits. We are happy to inform you that this convention-seminar was authorized thirty-two (32) CPD units. Furthermore, our “small group, one-day technical seminar” on the Unified Reporting System likewise grants eight (8) CPD units. Please take note that our URS is currently being conducted for the DepEd to strengthen their reporting compliance. To date, significant improvements have been noted in the DepEd in this area.

We realized that being in the financial sector involves risks and sometimes lead to legal cases against accountants. Towards this end, we are launching the AGAP A-AID or the AGAP Assistance for Accountants In Distress. This project extends financial assistance to accountants and or those in the financial service who face lawsuits in relation to their work and functions. Patterned after the Legal Defense Fund of the National Government, the A-AID will concentrate its efforts in providing legal aid, lawyers, if warranted, and financial assistance or financial grants to those who are being sued to cover their court related expenses.

We are in the process of expanding our scholarship programs in coordination with Government State Universities and Colleges so as to sponsor well deserving students to go through college by providing cash grants. This program will cover third and fourth year college students and we will be providing grants not exceeding Twenty Thousand Pesos (₱20,000) per semester. Please refer to our website in the coming days. Mind you, this will be open only to those who are card bearing members of the association – their children and their descendants.

As part of our belief that AGAP must give back, we have started our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. And we have donated amounts to alleviate the plight of victims of man made or natural calamities. We have also donated grocery items and other goods to the Department of Social Welfare and Development Region 3 particularly to the RSCC – The Recreation and Study Center. We aim to strengthen this advocacy and encourage our members to bring to our attention advocacies which they themselves espouse and which they think AGAP may pursue.

I would like to announce that in preparation for AGAP’s 70th year in the year 2020, we are launching a trophy redesign contest which will be open to AGAP members and or their friends who have the acumen or talent in trophy design. This contest will be launched in 2019 and we will be posting in our website the mechanics and criteria of this contest.

We will likewise ask your help, AGAP members, in voting for the best AGAP hashtag. We will post these hashtags by next month and request you to vote among the hashtags, submitted. The best one that exemplifies our association would be made winner.

I do not need to emphasize, because I know that you are not materialistic, that these contests have cash prizes.

Finally, I would be remiss in my duties if I don’t congratulate the various awardees of the Best Accounting Office this year. Specifically, I would like to mention the rare feat which the Pag-Ibig Fund achieved by winning their fourth consecutive award. The AGAP Board agreed that since Pag-Ibig Fund has already attained the Hall of Fame status, meaning it already won three consecutive times - maintaining such level of excellence should be rewarded. As a result, we opened the Platinum award. This category is for agencies which will consecutively win for five (5) more times so that means eight (8) times in all!

The next year will be a preparation for the 70th anniversary in 2020. With the members’ interests in mind, the AGAP Board’s mission is clear and specific. Like the commercial of a hotel long time ago, “let’s talk about service”.

United in purpose, united in our beliefs, united in giving the best to our members, I am honoured and humbled by this privilege of serving perhaps the single most hardworking sector in government i.e., the Financial Service Sector. As AGAP President, I can only be effective if we remain and stay the course together. I hope that you learn and in the process of learning, enjoy this 2018 AGAP Convention.

Maraming, Maraming Salamat po!

AGAP National President